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Buddhist Phenomenology: a philosophical investigation of Yogacara Buddhism and the Ch'eng wei-shih lun

by Dan Lusthaus

A richly complex study of the Yogacara tradition of Buddhism in India and China, divided into five parts.

Part 1 is on Buddhism and phenomenology, with close attention to elements in Husserl and Merleau-Ponty that are helpful for understanding Yogacara.

Part 2 details the four basic models of Indian Buddhist thought - the five skandhas, conditioned co-arising, the triple world, and the interplay of behaviour/meditation/understanding. A chapter on the attainment of cessation nirodha- sam patti illustrates some of the intricate ways in which these models were deployed.

Part 3 discusses karma, meditation, and epistemology, from Pali Abhidhamma and Nagarjuna to Yogacara.

Part 4 presents texts, translations, and comparative analysis of Vasubandhu's Trimsika with the Chinese versions by Paramartha and Hsuan-tsang.

Part 5 deals with the Ch'eng wei-shih lun and Yogacara in China.

Part One Buddhism and Phenomenology
Ch.1Buddhism and Phenomenology
Ch.2 Husserl and Merleau-Ponty

Part Two The Four Basic Buddhist Models in India
Ch.3 Model One: The Five Skandhas
Ch.4 Model Two: Prat´tya-samutpada
Ch.5 Model Three: Tridhatu
Ch.6 Model Four: Sila-Samadhi-Prajna
Ch.7 Asamjni-samapatti and Nirodha-samapatti
Ch.8 Summary of the Four Models

Part Three Karma, Meditation, and Epistemology
Ch.9 Karma
Ch.10 Madhyamikan Issues
Ch.11 The Privilaging of Prajna-paramita

Part Four Trimsika and Translations
Ch.12 Texts and Translations

Part Five The Ch'eng Wei-Shih Lun and the Problem of Psychosophical Closure: Yogacara in China
Ch.14 Seven Trajectories
Ch.15 The Legend of the Transmission of the Ch'eng Wei-Shih Lun
Ch.16 Alterity: Parinama
Ch.17 Why Consciousness in Not Empty
Ch.18 On Rupa
Ch.19 Externality
Ch.20 The Four Conditions
Ch.21 Mirror Knowing: Soteric Alterations
Ch.22 Language, Avijnapti-Rupa and Vijnapti-Rupa
Ch.23 Is What is Ultimately Real Itself Ultimately Real?


Buddhist Phenomenology: a philosophical investigation of Yogacara Buddhism and the Ch'eng wei-shih lun

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