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Principles of Buddhism

by Kulananda

This simple guide holds the essential teachings and methods of practice to help bring that way of life alive. Going back to the roots of Buddhism, it highlights and explains:
• the central ideas and beliefs of Buddhism
• karma and rebirth
• meditation
• Buddhism in the world today

The author, Kulananda, a practising Buddhist for 28 years, shows us how this approach to life can make a real difference to us and our capacity to grow clearer, wiser, happier.

Kulananda, ordained in 1977 into the Western Buddhist Order (WBO), has since devoted himself to the its development and played a key part in the development of several Buddhist Right Livelihood enterprises (including Windhorse / Evolution, now perhaps the largest such business in the West), as well as several Buddhist centres. He now spends most of his time writing, teaching, and maintaining his contacts with the Buddhist centres of which he is president.

About the Author
Publisher's Preface
1 The Buddha
2 The Dharma
3 The Sangha
4 Karma and Rebirth
5 The Practice of Meditation
6 The Spread and Development of Buddhism
Notes and References
Further Reading

Principles of Buddhism

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