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Giclee Mounted: White Tara - medium

From the elemental cosmic landscape of earth, air, water and space, White Tara manifests, seated on a pink lotus throne. Eyes in her hands, feet and forehead, magnify her ability to see and respond to the suffering of sentient beings.

These giclee reproductions replicate antique Tibetan thanka paintings, many originally housed in temples in Tibet and viewed only by lamas and senior monks. These masterfully painted, iconographically accurate works of art are printed using archival, pigment-based inks on waterproof, coated canvas, engineered to give the highest resolution and colour saturation achievable with current digital printing technology.

The exquisite colour and detail replicate the original paintings so closely that it is often difficult to see that you are looking at a reproduction and not an original. They are therefore perfect for meditation, inspiration and aesthetic appreciation.—from Dharma Publishing

Images are 250 x 200. They are mounted on white foam-core, are bordered by a coloured, double matte board, taking the full size to 350 x 275mm. They come in durable protective bag and have clear plastic tabs for hanging or can be framed. There is a detailed description of the image on the back.

Giclee Mounted: White Tara - medium

ISBN / Product Code: 001-004MG

Size: 250 x 200mm

Availability: In stock

Price: $A 65.00

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