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Notebook: Wheel of Life - large DPNB102

A spiral-bound notebook printed on acid free, environmental friendly paper.

The Wheel of Life portrays the Buddhist view of Samsara, the everyday experience of human beings. Yama, the fierce Lord of Death, holds the wheel firmly in his grasp. At the center a pig, rooster and snake confusion, greed and hatred chase each other endlessly, binding beings to the cycles of suffering through the power of Karma. The main section of the wheel shows the six realms of existence, reflecting our everyday experience: gods, demigods and humans; animals, hungry ghosts, hell beings. In each realm a Buddha appears to show the way to liberation. In the outer ring are depictions of the twelve links of interdependent origination, starting with ignorance, driven by karma, and activated by consciousness the dynamic that sustains continued rounds of suffering. When this teaching is understood, this chain can be broken, revealing the way to freedom and inner peace.

Contains 75 blank pages.

Notebook: Wheel of Life - large DPNB102

ISBN / Product Code: 9780898004427

Format: Spiral bound

Length: 75 pages

Size: 275 x 215mm

Availability: Awaiting stock

Price: $A 28.95

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